Sweet Cheat

Every healthy product seems to have their own drawbacks and often times, eating healthier can mean sacrificing some of your favourite tastes. Sweet Cheat wanted to create a product that’s actually good for you without any hidden twists. They sell monk fruit mixtures that substitute sugar for a much healthier monk fruit extract.

In their first years of business, Sweet Cheat saw moderate online success and appealed primarily to people on a keto diet. Their goal was to reposition themselves to attract a larger audience base - focusing on busy moms with young children.

When Sweet Cheat came to us, they had packages, website, and marketing content from three very different phases of their business.Our goal was to unify their brand visually and create a brand that embraces the fact that life is not perfect, and neither is your diet.

Photo of different food and drinks on platformsPackage of Sweet Cheat chocolate milkBananas, chicory root, and monkfruit illustrationsPackage of Sweet Cheat Spoonable Monk FruitSweet Cheat Website DesignsPackage of Sweet Cheat Chocolate MilkSpoonful of Chocolate Milk Powder
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