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Let's Make Your Brand Memorable

Let's face it - good design needs to keep your customer base and business goals top of mind. But, that doesn't mean it should skimp on visuals. Whether you're launching a new brand, giving a proven brand a face-lift, or looking to identify with new customers, we craft thoughtful and lively illustrations and online experiences to help you accomplish your goals.

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Our Values

Communicate Clearly & Openly

There are times when unexpected things will happen - that’s just a part of life. But we’re committed to setting clear expectations from the start and will clearly articulate any obstacles we see coming our way.

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Our Values

Go Together to Go the Distance

The power of one is the power of none. We keep our  process as collaborative as possible to make sure everyone’s voices are heard.

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Our Values

Celebrate Our Differences

Seeking and incorporating different perspectives into our work is a fundamental part of building better brands and better humans.

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Our Values

The only way to bloom is to grow.

Our work, whether it be branding, web, or illustration is always a self discovery tool: helping you explore your business deeply to create a brand that feels like you.

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Our Values

Feel your best to function your best

Life is a neverending series of obstacles and the way we treat others can have greater impacts than we realize. We ask that everyone approach team members with respect and empathy.

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Our Values

Take the time to listen

Our job is to listen and draw connections behind the scenes: center stage is for you. Throughout projects, we'll challenge your assumptions as well as our own to make sure the end product hits the spot.

Hey, I'm Kristiana!

Wallflower Studio is my creative home.

Like so many designers, I’ve always been more on the quiet side, often preferring to to listen, observe and assess rather than being centre stage. When I was 19, I decided to (naively) start a business, and eventually went on to work at a product company, startup, and an agency: each of which allowed me to look at design, business and teamwork from different perspectives while growing my business on the side.

As time went by, I crafted what should have been the "perfect" life. But something just didn't feel right, and I knew I had to make a change.

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After collaborating with clients at various stages in their businesses, I  realized that my belief that there can be a marriage between art and design was one that many business owners shared - and my collaborations with partners that shared this belief made my heart grow three sizes ( literally!-- just kidding). I also realized that my ability to listen, observe and draw connections are essential for brand building and creating relatable, personality packed illustrations.

And so just like that, Wallflower Studio was born!

We’re now a small creative crew that uses thoughtful and lively illustrations to bring brands, websites and ideas to life.

Our Process

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Your business needs a solid foundation to grow. We start all projects by working through a set of activities that help us take a deep dive into who you are!

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In this phase, your project starts to come to life.  We'll iterate, reflect and revise our concepts.

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Prepare to take centre stage! Your voice and visuals are now ready to leave a lasting impression with your customers.