Hey there! I'm Kristiana, the creative brain behind Wallflower Studio.

Kristiana Vellucci Wallflower Studio

When I was a 19, I decided to start my company. But after graduating from university, I felt the best way to learn about business was to work for one. So, I worked at a product company, startup, and then agency: which allowed me to look at design, people, and business from three distinct perspectives. While doing this, I ran my business part-time and tweaked things along the way.

I’ve helped companies large and small build and scale their brands - creating work that’s been featured on design platforms over the years. My one consistent belief has always been that entrepreneurs have a unique ability to positively impact their communities and I felt a strong calling to do the same. So, just like that, Wallflower became my full-time gig!

It’s tough to trust someone else with your business. But it’s also hard to do everything yourself as an owner— I totally get it. Building a business requires support, partnerships, creativity and comes with a lot of uncertainty at times. I started Wallflower to be a team that people-focused entrepreneurs could depend on while they build a better world.

Since my start at 19, I’ve built a network of reliable, like-minded creatives that I’ve collaborated with over the years. We’re now a small creative crew that uses artisanal design and content to create brands and websites that hit you right in the feels.

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Our Key Beliefs:


Visuals & Strategy go hand in hand.

Sure, we talk a lot about our visual decisions and showcase a lot of super visual work, but that doesn't mean our decisions aren't without purpose. We're craftspeople AND strategic thinkers. You wouldn't throw dry pasta at the wall and expect it to stick afterall, would you?


The only way to bloom is to grow.

Our work, whether it be branding, web, or illustration is always a self discovery tool: helping you explore your business deeply to create a brand that feels like you.


We'd rather listen.

Center stage is for you. Our job is to listen, draw connections and understand. We won't be behind the scenes passively though. Throughout projects, we'll challenge your assumptions as well as our own to make sure the end product hits the spot.

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