Choosing to invest in your brand is an exciting point for any business! Our goal is for every project to help you feel rooted in your brand while providing the support you need to get there.

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Wallflower Studio Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Your brand is more than just a couple of design elements: it’s the heart and soul of your business. from your online application to your social pesence and physical packaging and design, our comprehensive brand will help you take your business to the next level.

Here's what you get:

Brand strategy documentation & workshops, moodboards, color palette, typography stack, logo + brand icons, brand patterns, social graphics, web favicon

Wallflower Studio Brand Web

Web Design

Knowing who you are is great and all, but chances are you’ll want an online face for your business too. Or maybe you already have one and you’re just looking to upgrade. We can help you with that.

Here's what you get:

Site UX & UI, content strategy, creative direction, web copy, email connection, SEO setup, web development

Wallflower Studio Brand Illustration


At Wallflower, we believe in the ability for unique art to elevate your brand - regardless of what it’s for. Whether you need full scenes or just a set of icons, we'll help you nail down your characters and create some personality packed illustrations.

Here's what you get:

Character workshops (if applicable), sketches, digital illustrations, web animations (if applicable), icon set, brand patterns

Sample Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Heck yes! All of the work we create is highly visual and crafted to fit you— which means it comes with custom photography or illustration. At the beginning of your project we’ll provide you with an idea of what each option will cost as well as the process required to make your visuals come to life!

Great question. There’s no simple way to answer this question because all projects have different needs. The majority of our projects are at least a 4 figure investment. Things that influence cost include website needs, the number of visuals being created, content strategy needs, and how extensive your requested brand strategy will be (i.e. are you just looking for a logo and website for now or will you be looking to incorporate a content or social strategy too?).

For a quote taylored to you, fill out our client application form!

Another question with no simple answer! Strategy is at the root of everything we do— even the illustration only projects. Simpler projects that only include an illustration or two will take a couple of weeks— but larger brand and web projects may take as long as 10 weeks.

Again, the complexity of your project and deliverables will influence your timeline. At the start of the project we’ll create a project plan with due dates.

Yes please! Collaboration is key to our project success.

One of our goals is to make sure we never wrap a project where the client is surprised with the end deliverables— this means we like to have you involved every step of the way.

When working out our project timeline, we’ll also determine a meeting cadence (usually meetings will be weekly) where we’ll update you on progress and invite you to provide feedback. These meetings will also provide us an opportunity to highlight any information we’ll need from you as well!

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