Nurtured First

After finding herself feeling overwhelmed and alone after having her first child, Nurtured First's founder Jess felt called to use her skills as a child therapist to support other parents who were feeling the same way. Today, Nurtured First is a community where 1 million+ parents
have found a safe community in which they can ask questions, share feelings, and get the support they need to break cycles and become the parents they want to be.

The illustrations for this brand rely on garden imagery to metaphorically represent the way Nurtured First enables parents to flourish and grow alongside their children.

We also incorporated 3 characters throughout the brand to represent children in different phases of life - babies, toddlers, and school age children. Each character is inspired Jess' own children and aims to depict a set of quirks or traits that parents will be able to relate to.
Little girl in a garden with her giraffe
Safety and trust icon
Unconditional Love Icon
Curiosity Icon
Responsibility Icon
Toddler swinging on a plant
Blue Flowers
Yellow and Pink Flowers
Little pink flower group
Support Iconbuds
Corner flowers
Standing blue flower
Blue Rock
Curved sunflower
Green leafs
Baby knocking over a plant
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