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Discover Your Who helps leadership figures who are feeling stuck learn to lead from an authentic place by uncovering their life's purpose.The goal of this project was to create a cohesive, welcoming brand identity and web narrative that would connect their coaching services, app and book while clearly communicating the company's mission.

The brand relies on simple shapes, strong yet calming colours and a green path to put potential clients at ease as they choose to embark on the journey of self discovery.

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Building the Narrative

When Discover Your Who first came to us, all they had was their circular logo. The circle was meant to represent the self and the various layers of circles were representative of the individual's journey inward. We simplified this icon further and used this as our starting point.

From here on out this circle will be referred to as the "Who".
Discover Your Who logo on a hill

Talking about business and
personal transformation

The two main types of coaching offered through Discover Your Who are personal and business coaching. Personal coaching allows the individual to look inward and align with their true self, while business coaching allows individuals on a team to align with each other through a greater purpose or goal. We chose to depict these two coaching styles by further breaking down "the Who".
Big blue circleLarge Blue CircleMiddle blue circleLight Blue CircleSmallest Circle
Pink coaching circleYellow circleBlue circle
Green circleBlue circlePink circle
Pink circleYellow circleGreen circle

The journey to greater alignment.

Throughout the site animation is used to represent an individual's movement and journey. A green path appears throughout the site that the "Who" follows as users scroll deeper into the site.

Awaken to purpose.

Surrender to what you discover inside.

Realize that your purpose is not rooted in what you do, but in who you are. Discover what is truly important to you and how to start living from that place of awareness.

Look back and let go.

Learn to shed what no longer serves you.

Deconstruct the limiting beliefs created by masks and scar tissue (which, by the way, we all have, so you’re not alone!). Overcome fear and self-doubt. Unhook yourself from what holds you back and break through the barriers standing between you and your dreams.

Close the gaps.

Break the glass ceiling in your life to experience epic success.

Live outward what you've discovered inside and close the gaps between the life you're living and the life you dream of. Experience lasting change in your daily personal and business life, and in your relationships with self and others.

Be the hero.

DYW is your new way to live with purpose and become the superhero thought-leader of your own life.

Align your thoughts, words, and actions with your WHO to lead a life of true purpose, prosperity, and fulfillment. Every day.

Making Meaning Out of Shapes

Throughout Discover Your Who's brand collateral, various geometric shapes are used to create scenes, decorations, and iconography. The shapes have been kept intentionally simple to represent the transparency and trust people can have as they start the daunting process of self discovery.
Geometric shape illustrations

The End Result

Discover Your Who launched their new website, along with a refreshed app and a set of brand collateral with the new look and feel.
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