Carbon Neutral Club

It’s no secret that most large cities produce considerable greenhouse gas emissions. When you live in one of these cities, it can be hard to positively impact the environment in a real, tangible way. Carbon Neutral Club works to close this gap.

Carbon Neutral Club is  a carbon offsetting program targeted towards people living in cities who are looking to live more sustainable lifestyles. Unlike other offsetting memberships, when you join Carbon Neutral Club you also gain access to discounts at great sustainable brands: allowing you to make double the impact.

We partnered with Carbon Neutral club to create an approachable, modern brand identity and web experience.

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Wallflower Logo


We sarted with the logo. Despite exploring a number of logo iterations with different meanings and symbolism, we settled on a logo that depicted plainly and simply the very earth our audience admires. We then explored a number of nature inspired colour schemes and chose to steer clear of cliche greens, instead relying on a distinct blue with pops of pink and yellow to add a playful touch.
Carbon Neutral Club Logo
Carbon Neutral Club logo cutout on trees
Carbon Neutral Club logo brainstorms
Carbon Neutral Club Color Palette

(web + product)

The bulk of the website is intentionally illustration based, with photography used only to depict the brands customers gain access to.
Carbon Neutral Club Website


Two of our major challenges included choosing an illustrative style that felt approachable, but not too playful as well as creating website structure that would clearly articulate the product’s mission in a clear and concise way. Both challenges we solved with ongoing user testing.

Carbon Neutral Stores
Happy Earth on scale
Price tag pattern
Carbon Neutral Icons

Designing for

Ultimately, Wallflower delivered a design system that would scale with Carbon Neutral Club as their product needs continued to evolve. This system would allow for smoother dev implementation and provide future designers room to explore and get creative.
Carbon Neutral Club Website
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