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Sweet Cheat

Food products for a balanced but delicious life.

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Sweet Cheat helps customer balance out their household sugar intake through spoonable Monk Fruit and high-quality Inulin Fibre!


Sweet Cheat had been seeing moderate online success throughout their first year of operation, but wanted to attract a larger audience base.

Their goal was to create a brand that embraces the fact that life is not perfect, and neither is your diet.

After walking through a brand canvas, competitor research, customer interview, moodboards, and visual exploration, the team decided on a new visual direction for their online store and social content.

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Outcomes & Design

People buy from real people. Allowing your personality to shape the look and feel of your content (particularly if you are within your own target demographic) can be very powerful.

The team adopted a colour palette and brand narrative that resonated with a new ideal customer, moving away from a keto focussed audience. The target audience became women who are health conscious, enjoy the finer things in life, and are willing to get their hands dirty.

Sweet Cheat is now growing its online audience, are seeing increases in sales, and will be running their first social campaign in February.

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Sweet Cheat Chocolate Milk
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