Patricias Preview
Patricias Preview

Case Study 4/10

Patricia's Toronto

Personality packaging for hand crafted chocolate collection.

Patricia’s Toronto is an artisan bake shop in the heart of Toronto. Wallflower designed unique packaging for their 2020 Valentine’s Day collection.

Cupid Preview
Patricias Toronto Chocolate Balloon Dogs Preview


Patricia’s wanted art direction for their 2020 Valentine’s Day collection. Their goal was to create packaging that would show customers a flavourful and personality packed brand.

Wallflower analyzed Patricia’s sales patterns from their past campaigns to determine a visual direction for the packages.

After walking through a brand canvas, moodboards, and visual exploration, Patricia’s & Wallflower brainstormed product names, illustration concepts, and campaign themes.

Patricias Toronto Chocolate Tie The Nut

End Result

The team realised people eat with their eyes as much as with their taste buds. Paticia’s needed packaging that tasted sweet & earnest.

This led to designs featuring animals in love. Wallflower relied on a warm, slim colour palette, utilizing hand drawn illustrations.

Pretzelebrate Our Love, Tie the Nut, Hogs and Kisses, and I Ruff You to Pieces were a huge success - selling out.

I Ruff You To Pieces
I Ruff You To Pieces
Pretzelebrate Our Love
Tie the Nut
Chocolate Preview 1
Chocolate Preview 2
Chocolate Preview 3

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