Patricias Preview
Patricias Preview

Case Study 9/10

The Dibs

Branding for an esports organization looking to pack a punch.

The Dibs is an LA based esports organization helping women stake their claim in the esports world. Wallflower helped rebrand and launch their website.

Old Logo:

Cupid Preview

New Logo:

Balloon Dogs Preview


Esports is notoriously male dominated and women gamers often receive backlash. The Dibs wanted a brand identity that was strong and edgy.

Wallflower took a deep dive into the gaming world. The mission was to seek and understand.

From there, Wallflower created a visual system that focused on gaming imagery. Much of the inspiration was drawn from the buttons of controllers and modern day gaming system navigations.

Chocolate Preview 1
Chocolate Preview 2
Chocolate Preview 3

Outcomes & Design

The team landed on a dark UI - using colours, typography and abstracted isometric illustrations to give the brand a modern twist.

Mandarin Orange

Used for illustrations and decorations.


Used titles, illustrations and decorations.

Electric Blue

Used for illustrations and decorations.


Used for webpage backgrounds.

Royal Purple

Used for webpage backgrounds and text on light backgrounds.

Sadly, COVID-19 and 2020 was hard on The Dibs. As a result, the organization no longer exists.

Title Decoration Title Decoration
Title Decoration Title Decoration

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