Creatubbles Preview
Creatubbles Preview

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Playful branding for creative kids.

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Creatubbles is an online community where kids can post their latest creations and interact with other young creators around the globe.

Creatubbles Branding


As part of the team at TWG, Kristiana designed and illustrated a brand and site that would demonstrate educational value to teachers, ease the minds of parents and get kids excited to create.

Early on, we learned that the founder, Paul, viewed the bubble as a metaphor for the limitless creative potential of a child. While speaking to users, we learned that kids were mostly fascinated with the way different logos and creative concepts related to them. They wanted to see work that looked hand drawn, called out creative tools, and related to their everyday lives.

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Creatubbles Logo System

Outcomes & Design

Ultimately, we landed on a logo and brand system that could evolve with their marketing collateral. We used the bubble shape because of its significance to the brand story. We created a system that worked recognizable imagery from popular kids creative tools into the bubble while maintaining the original bubble shape and highlights. This was meant to represent the merging of a number of creative worlds that Creatubbles users interact with everyday.

Creatubbles has started to use their logo across their marketing collateral and will transition to their new brand over time.

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