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Visual Identity, Illustration, Graphic Design, Copywriting


Copy: Stephen Trim
Design: Kristiana Vellucci
Illustration: Kristiana Vellucci

Lumened is an ed-tech start up focused on helping tutors find the time to focus on high-priority activities like nurturing parent relationships, finding new clients and helping students succeed.

As part of their growth strategy, LumenEd wanted to develop downloadable content to help expand their reach and provide value to potential customers. The goal was to create something customers could take away when visiting their website through their drip campaign.

Wallflower explored a variety of illustration themes and designs when building the book - with a focus on creating a cohesive visual narrative from start to finish.


Being a tutor essentially means running a mini business and wearing a bunch of diferent hats. The illustrations focused on achieving balance and peace of mind- with little LumenEd animals helping to lead the way.
Monkey helping person stack files
Animals on the phone
Monkey helping person use computer
Animals watering plants
Person balancing items while animals help
Person and animals in yoga warrior position


The ebook consisted of over 30 pages of content in a series of clean, concise layouts. The goal of this book was to make content digestible and fun.
Ebook page about balance
Ebook Cover Page
Ebook table of contents
Ebook page text heavy page