Bumble Company Values

After getting its start due to the frustrations of many women while dating, Bumble has revolutionized the online dating space.

These illustrations were created to represent each of Bumble's company values - keeping nature and bees at the heart of our theme! This allows the creative to build a consistent look that does not rely on human elements, which can be limiting in terms of representation and relates back to the important undertones these elements play in the company.

The values beneath include; growth, which plays on the ability to shoot for the stars; equity, which focuses on levelling the playing field; honesty, which tackles the idea of two-way feedback; accountability, which tackles the ideas of responsibility and collaboration; and kindness, which plays with the idea of going out of your way to act compassionately.

Bumble PatternBumble - GrowthBumble - EquityBumble - KindnessBumble - HonestyBumble - Accountability
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