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Visual Identity, Illustration, Graphic Design, Copywriting


Design & Strategy: Kristiana Vellucci
Copy & Strategy: Stephen Trim
Illustration: Kristiana Vellucci
Development: Kristiana Vellucci

Clerksy is an HR service aimed at helping small businesses without an internal human resources team take care of their HR needs. They take care of compliance and regulatory requirements surrounding employee management, from hiring and onboarding to implementing performance monitoring, and third party conflict management.

The team wanted to create a new look to tell their story - with a special focus on making their brand more approachable and less bound by industry jargon (something many HR companies do not do).

Wallflower explored several different narratives, illustration themes, and tones to bring Clerksy’s vision to life.

Visual Narrative

The team landed on a Hollywood theme - likening the HR process to that of creating a feature film. Employees are the real stars, and Clerksy lets owners help their stars shine while taking care of the behind-the-scenes work. We created a set of characters and scenes to tell this story.
Person juggling football and camera
Person with stars around them
People at a computer editing film


The ebook consisted of over 15 pages of content in a series of clean, concise layouts. The goal of this book was to make content digestible and fun.
Ebook page about recruitment
Ebook Section Divider
Ebook page about creating a good workplace
Ebook page about unioned workforces

Website Design

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