We turn budding ideas into blooming brands.

Wallflower Studio is a creative studio that brings digital experiences and ideas to life.  As you may have guessed, we’re totally inspired by the kids at parties who prefer to hang out against the, well, wall. But before you go thinking our name is based on our party habits, we want you to know it’s deeper than that. While we are a couple of dorks, it’s actually our Wallflower-esque ability to listen and make connections that inspired our name. We believe these traits are essential in building personality packed brands, and now we’re bringing them to you!
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We believe these traits are new words essential in building personality packed brands, and now we’re bringing them to you!

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(Our Values)

Our Code of Honour

We’re here to make you feel heard and give you the support and space to shine. Most of that happens on instinct, but we’ve decided to write our values down just so you know what to expect. Here are 5 key values we’ve picked up throughout our journey.
dog listening to music through gammaphone making flowers

Take the time
to listen.

Our job is to listen and draw connections behind the scenes: center stage is for you. Throughout projects, we'll challenge your assumptions as well as our own to make sure the end product hits the spot.
weiner dog being x-rayed

Feel your best to
function your best.

Life is a neverending series of obstacles and the way we treat others can have greater impacts than we realize. We ask that everyone approach team members with respect and empathy.
dog sitting in a field of growing flowers

The only way to
bloom is to grow.

Our work, whether it be branding, web, or illustration is always a self discovery tool: helping you explore your business deeply to create a brand that feels like you.
real dog giving balloon dog a heart

Celebrate our

Seeking and incorporating different perpsectives into our work is a fundamental part of building better brands and better humans.
group of dogs trying to get a cake on the table

Go together to
go the distance.

The power of one is the power of none. We keep our  process as collaborative as possible to make sure everyone’s voices are heard.
Dog and bird using two cans as a telephone

clearly & openly.

There are times when unexpected things will happen - that’s just a part of life. But we’re committed to setting clear expectations from the start and will clearly articulate any obstacles we see coming our way.
(Our Story)

Hey there! I’m Kristiana, the creative brain behind Wallflower Studio.

Kristiana Vellucci
When I was a 19, I decided to start my company. But after graduating from university, I felt the best way to learn about business was to work for one. So, I worked at a product company, startup, and then agency: which allowed me to look at design, people, and business from three distinct perspectives. While doing this, I ran my business part-time and tweaked things along the way.

I’ve helped companies large and small build and scale their brands - creating work that’s been featured on design platforms over the years. My one consistent belief has always been that entrepreneurs have a unique ability to positively impact their communities and I felt a strong calling to do the same. So, just like that, Wallflower became my full-time gig!

It’s tough to trust someone else with your business. But it’s also hard to do everything yourself as an owner— I totally get it. Building a business requires support, partnerships, creativity and comes with a lot of uncertainty at times. I started Wallflower to be a team that people-focused entrepreneurs could depend on while they build a better world.

Since my start at 19, I’ve built a network of reliable, like-minded creatives that I’ve collaborated with over the years. We’re now a small creative crew that uses artisanal design and content to create brands and websites that hit you right in the feels.